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House of Passion by Madeeha Khan Yousafzai

What is House of Passion­čöą
House of Passion is a professional training and coaching services provider.

What is the focus of House of Passion­čöą
Our focus is to bring worldÔÇÖs best trainers, coaches, consultants on our platform to facilitate you (you – our awesome clients, individuals and companies) and to empower you with wisdom. Wisdom is the intersection of right education, right experience and right environment. This wisdom will be delivered in form of local and international certifications, master classes, online courses, webinars and so much more.

What is the philosophy behind name of House of Passion­čöą
It is our passion that we empower you to find your passion, follow it and turn it into a profession so that you can optimizes your performance in your career and live a fulfilled life.

Who are the clients for House of Passion­čöą
Its you ÔÇô if you are passionate about your life, be it your life at work, in your career, or your life with friends and families. We are focused to individuals, businesses and corporate companies operating in any sector and in any region.

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